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重新调整矢量R(Rescale Vector R)


> x
[1]  1  1  1  4  4 13 13 14

我在R中寻找一种有效的方法来将矢量重新调整为整数1,以将元素的唯一数量最大化。 因此得到的向量将是:

1 1 1 2 2 3 3 4

看起来像一个简单的问题,但我很难找到一个有效的方法来做到这一点。 在实践中,这个向量很大(大约500)。

Suppose I have a vector of integers such as:

> x
[1]  1  1  1  4  4 13 13 14

I am looking for an efficient way in R to rescale the vector to integers 1 to the max of the unique number of elements. Therefore the resulting vector would be:

1 1 1 2 2 3 3 4

Seems like a simple problem but I'm having trouble finding an efficient way to do it. In practice this vector is large (around 500).

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尝试match(x, sort(unique(x)))

x <- sample(1:50, 1e6, replace = TRUE)
benchmark(as.integer(factor(x)), match(x, sort(unique(x))),
          replications = 20, columns = c("test", "elapsed", "relative"))
#                        test elapsed relative
# 1     as.integer(factor(x))   18.44    10.36
# 2 match(x, sort(unique(x)))    1.78     1.00

identical(as.integer(factor(x)), match(x, sort(unique(x))))
# [1] TRUE

Try match(x, sort(unique(x))):

x <- sample(1:50, 1e6, replace = TRUE)
benchmark(as.integer(factor(x)), match(x, sort(unique(x))),
          replications = 20, columns = c("test", "elapsed", "relative"))
#                        test elapsed relative
# 1     as.integer(factor(x))   18.44    10.36
# 2 match(x, sort(unique(x)))    1.78     1.00

identical(as.integer(factor(x)), match(x, sort(unique(x))))
# [1] TRUE



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