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真正的Maven依赖是什么?(What really are Maven dependencies?)

我尝试搜索谷歌和论坛,但我无法得到一个确切的,最重要的简单答案。 我还是初学者,但是我必须在Eclipse中做一个关于Maven和依赖项的项目,以及如何部署它们。 我的问题是什么是依赖项,如何知道我必须包含哪些依赖项? 我希望这个问题听起来不那么愚蠢,但我有点困惑,因为可能每个项目都需要不同的依赖关系,但我们究竟如何选择我们需要哪些? 非常感谢!

I tried searching google and the forum but I couldn't get to an exact and foremost simple answer. I am still a beginner but I have to do a project in Eclipse about Maven and dependencies and how do I deploy them. My question is really what are dependencies and how do I know what dependencies I have to include for a certain project? I hope the question doesn't sound that stupid but I am a bit confused as to probably every project needs different dependencies but how exactly do we pick which ones do we need? Thanks a lot!

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Maven依赖项是不同的工件,工件可以是任何类型,例如jar,war,ear,xml或任何其他格式。 一般来说,依赖项是项目所需的库,在开发项目时,您/开发人员应该知道他正在使用哪个库,例如,如果您在Spring Core上构建某些东西,并且您的项目需要Spring Core jar文件,那么您可以说Spring Core是您项目的依赖项。



我希望这已经回答了你的问题。 为了进一步了解,您可以阅读有关Maven的任何好书。

Maven dependencies are different artifacts and artifact could be of any type, for example jar, war, ear, xml or any other format. Generally speaking Dependencies are the libraries which are required by your project and while developing your project you/developer should know which library he is using, For example if you are building something on Spring Core and your project require Spring Core jar file then you can say that Spring Core is dependency of your project.

Common or Open Source dependencies are already hosted on maven central repository and when you give the correct coordinates of that required dependency in your pom file, maven fetches that dependency for you from the specified repository.

Dependencies have different scopes, for example compile, test etc, it mean that for what purpose you need that dependency for example if a dependency's scope is test then it means you only require it for executing the unit tests.

I hope this has answered your question. For further understand you may read any good book on Maven.




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