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在大图像中找到小的部分透明图像的坐标(find coordinates of small partially-transparent image within a large image)


我的目标是在更大的信息图像中找到小corner images的坐标。 使用这些坐标,我想确定特定的“感兴趣区域”,以便我能够在呈现图像时聚焦这些区域或从图像中剪切这些区域。

描述的corner images看起来像这些(请忽略蓝色数字,因为它们只是注释。我想使用透明的灰色PNG图形):

这些corner images放置在大图像中的某些位置:
每组corner icons定义“感兴趣区域”(如何确定多个左上角中的哪一个属于哪个区域将是另一个问题)。

我想将一个免费/开源库与命令行操作或Python接口一起使用。 似乎ImageMagick库看起来非常接近可能的解决方案。 但是如果解决这个问题,任何其他技术都可以。

使用例如ImageMagick库,我想顺序检查corner items (它们只是同一原始图像的90度旋转),并将它们与大图像“比较”。 在大图像中, corner items可能“非常接近”其他图形内容。 因此,简单的逐块身份测试可能会失败。 “透明度”应被视为“不关心”。


I am looking for a way to programmatically (without using any graphical user interface) find the coordinates of a small image within a large image.

My aim is to find the coordinates of small corner images within a larger information image. With these coordinates I want to determine specific "regions of interest" so that I would be able to focus on these regions while presenting the image or cut these regions from the image.

The described corner images could look like these (please ignore the blue numbers, as they are only comments. I'd like to use gray PNG graphics with transparency):
enter image description here
1 top left corner
2 bottom left corner
3 bottom right corner
4 top right corner

These corner images are placed at certain positions within the large image:
enter image description here
Each set of corner icons defines a "region of interest" (how to determine which of the multiple top left corners belongs to which region would be another issue, though).

I'd like to use a free/open source library together with command line operation or a Python interface. It seems that the ImageMagick library looks pretty close to a possible solution. But any other technology would be fine if it solves this problem.

With e.g. the ImageMagick library I would like to check the four corner items sequentially (they are just 90 degree rotations of the same original image) and "compare" each of them with the large image. Within the large image, it would be more than possible that the corner items reside "very near" to other graphical content. So, a simple block-wise identity testing would possibly fail. "Transparency" should be considered as "don't care".

What tool and process could I use to get the absolute x- and y-positions of such a small image within a larger one?

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