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需要帮助比较数组与var(Need help comparing an array against a var)

嗨,我似乎无法做到这一点。 基本上,如果选择列表的值是“USA”,“CAN”或“MEX”,则它应该返回true。 任何其他值都应返回false。 如果值为“USA”,则仅返回true

function(value, element) {
    var selectedCountry = $("#Country").val();
    var NorthAmerica = new Array("USA","CAN","MEX");
    if($.inArray(selectedCountry,NorthAmerica)) {
        return false;
    } else return true;
}, "Cannot select Reuters News outside of North America."

Hi I can't seem to get this right. Basically if the value of a select list is either "USA", "CAN", or "MEX" it should return true. any other value should return false. This only returns true if the value is "USA"

function(value, element) {
    var selectedCountry = $("#Country").val();
    var NorthAmerica = new Array("USA","CAN","MEX");
    if($.inArray(selectedCountry,NorthAmerica)) {
        return false;
    } else return true;
}, "Cannot select Reuters News outside of North America."

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我不是Jquery专家,但这是来自.inArray的Jquery站点 ,你应该知道inArray返回索引并且:

“因为JavaScript将0视为松散等于false(即0 == false,但是0!== false),如果我们检查数组中是否存在值,我们需要检查它是否等于(或更大)比)-1。“

因此,您应该在if语句中尝试!= -1> -1 ,如下所示

if($.inArray(selectedCountry,NorthAmerica) != -1)  


if($.inArray(selectedCountry,NorthAmerica) > -1)  

I am not a Jquery expert but this is from the Jquery Site for .inArray, You should be aware that inArray returns the index and:

"Because JavaScript treats 0 as loosely equal to false (i.e. 0 == false, but 0 !== false), if we're checking for the presence of value within array, we need to check if it's not equal to (or greater than) -1."

Therefore you should be trying != -1 or >-1 in your if statement as follows

if($.inArray(selectedCountry,NorthAmerica) != -1)  


if($.inArray(selectedCountry,NorthAmerica) > -1)  



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