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寻求使用的一些说明(Seeking some clarification on use of )

我理解使用<g:javascript>标签的原因之一是指定我们要使用哪个AJAX库,例如当我们像这样使用它时<g:javascript library="jquery"/> 。 但后来我也看到这个标签与静态资源一起使用,例如当它像这样使用时:

<g:javascript src="hello.js"/>
<g:javascript src="goodbye.js"/>

那么我的问题就变成了,它在静态资源上使用时提供了哪些有利的功能? 换句话说,它在静态资源上的使用与执行它之间的确切区别是什么:

<script src="hello.js"></script>
<script src="goodbye.js"></script>

? 谢谢。

I understand the one of the reasons why the <g:javascript> tag is used is to specify which AJAX library we want to use, such as when we use it like this <g:javascript library="jquery"/>. But then I've also seen this tag used with static resources such as when it is use like this:

<g:javascript src="hello.js"/>
<g:javascript src="goodbye.js"/>

So then my questions becomes, what advantageous functionality does it provide when is is used on static resources? In other words, what are the exact differences between its usage on static resources vs say doing it like this:

<script src="hello.js"></script>
<script src="goodbye.js"></script>

? Thank you.

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例如, API文档声明如下:

'src'属性只会导入js文件,但是在正确的上下文中(即在Grails应用程序的/ js /目录中:

<g:javascript src="myscript.js" /> // actually imports '/app/js/myscript.js'

标记库还允许您指定要用于包含的javascript的插件,上下文路径和库。 它还支持内联JavaScript。

希望能帮助您了解它存在的原因以及它提供的功能。 所有这些也都在文档中。

I think a bit of research into what the tag library does will uncover some notes about what it does beyond the standard script tag.

For instance the API documentation states the following:

The 'src' attribute will merely import the js file but within the right context (ie inside the /js/ directory of the Grails application:

<g:javascript src="myscript.js" /> // actually imports '/app/js/myscript.js'

The tag library also allows you to specify what plugin, context path, and library to use for your included javascript. It also supports inline javascript.

Hope that helps you understand why it exists, and what it offers. All of this is also in the documentation as well.





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