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使用maven集成2个eclipse项目(Integrate 2 eclipse projects using maven)

我的存储库中有一个Web项目,最近我收到了另一个项目,只是代码,我需要在第一个项目中使用它作为子模块(只是java实体类)。 就像是:


因为我相信它会经常被改变,所以我需要它仍然是一个单独的eclipse项目。 我想要的是使用web-projectentities ,就像我已经将.jar作为依赖项一样。

除了创建我自己的maven repo并从那里获取jar之外,有没有办法将它添加到我的构建路径,因为我正在使用maven来构建两个项目?

I have a web project in my repository and recently I've received another project, just code, that I need to use as a submodule on the first one (just java entity classes). Something like:


As I believe it's going to be changed often I'd need it to still be a separate eclipse project. What I want is to use the entities in the web-project, like I'd have included the .jar as a dependency.

Apart from creating my own maven repo and getting the jars from there, Is there way to add it to my build path given I'm using maven to build both projects?

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我不确定我完全理解这个问题。 听起来您希望在从maven生成Eclipse项目时将依赖项目包含在Eclipse构建路径中。 是对的吗?

如果是这样,我知道这样做的唯一方法是从父maven项目运行mvn eclipse:eclipse。 也就是说,您需要创建一个pom.xml是某个目录,然后将两个现有项目放在其下面。 就像是:



I finally solved it installing the built artifact to the local m2 repo before building the web-app. It works both on eclipse and running the builds from command line.

On the dependent project entities add the following plugin to the install build step:


And declare the dependency as usual in the web-project POM.





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