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使用Express动态地将元标记注入HTML(Inject meta tag dynamically to HTML with Express)


我目前正在将Apache + PHP堆栈上的网站迁移到Node + Express,并且想知道在新堆栈下动态注入元标记的最佳方法/最佳实践(如果有的话)是什么。


在现有堆栈下,通过直接将PHP代码添加到HTML文件中来动态注入元标记。 由于渲染是在服务器端完成的,因此Facebook / Google + /任何网络爬虫都能正确解释标签。


  1. 使用像Pug(Jade)这样的模板引擎来呈现带有本地的HTML。 (用Pug的语法重写现有的HTML似乎有点过分了?Pug可以处理HTML,还是我要考虑像EJS这样的其他模板引擎?你建议我去探索哪些模板引擎?)
  2. 在渲染开始之前,使用像Cheerio这样的DOM操作插件首先注入元标记。

在这两个选项之间,哪一个会有更好的表现还是没有实质性差异? 你还有其他方式推荐吗? 谢谢!


I'm currently migrating a website on Apache + PHP stack over to Node + Express, and would like to know what is the best way/best practice (if there is one) for dynamically injecting meta tags under the new stack.


Under the existing stack, meta tags are injected dynamically by adding PHP codes into the HTML file directly. As rendering is done on server side, the tags are properly interpreted by Facebook/Google+/whatever web crawlers.

Under the new stack, after doing some research, I've come across two options:

  1. Use template engine like Pug (Jade) to render the HTML with locals. (It seems to be an overkill to rewrite the existing HTML with Pug's syntax though? Can Pug deal with HTML, or I've to consider other template engine like EJS? What template engine do you advise me to explore?)
  2. Use DOM manipulation plugin like Cheerio to inject the meta tags first, before rendering begins.

Between these two options, which one will have a better performance or there is no material difference? Are there any other ways that you'd otherwise recommend? Thanks!

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  • 与EJS: <html><head><%= yourMetaTags %> ...
  • 与胡子: <html><head>{{ yourMetaTags }} ...
  • 使用把手: <html><head>{{ yourMetaTags }} ...



在我看来,解析HTML并使用DOM API操作它只是为了插入元标记将是一种矫枉过正。

另一方面,如果您只需要插入元标记,那么您可以使用类似您的yourHTML.replace('<head>', '<head>'+yourMetaTags);进行简单的正则表达式替换yourHTML.replace('<head>', '<head>'+yourMetaTags); 但是当您需要更多功能时,它可能会随着时间的推移变得更加复杂。 毕竟,每个人都在生活的某个阶段制造了一个模板引擎。

EJS would probably be the simplest one for that and very similar to PHP.

You can also take a look at Mustache and Handlebars for other options with minimal changes to your existing HTML.

  • with EJS: <html><head><%= yourMetaTags %> ...
  • with Mustache: <html><head>{{ yourMetaTags }} ...
  • with Handlebars: <html><head>{{ yourMetaTags }} ...

Also doT.js is very fast.


Parsing the HTML and manipulating it with a DOM API just to insert meta tags would be an overkill in my opinion.

On the other hand if all you need is to insert meta tags then you could make a simple regex substitution, using something like yourHTML.replace('<head>', '<head>'+yourMetaTags); but it could potentially get more complex over time when you need more functionality. After all, everyone has made a templating engine at some point in life.






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