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数学计算 - 浮点数[重复](Math Calculation - float numbers [duplicate])



float years = (1/31536000) * 883102.00;

我得到年= 0000000



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I am doing the following

float years = (1/31536000) * 883102.00;

and I get years = 0000000

while the actual answer is 0.0.28

Any suggestion on what might be going wrong ?

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float years = (1.0/31536000.0) * 883102.00;


float years = (1.0/31536000) * 883102.00;

可能也会有效。 您的第一个数字被视为整数。

You should instead do

float years = (1.0/31536000.0) * 883102.00;


float years = (1.0/31536000) * 883102.00;

might work as well. Your very first number is treated as integer.




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