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使用gsub去除多个字符(Using gsub to strip multiple characters)


XXXX - 永远不变,永远改变,可能是一百万字符长
yyyy - 永远不会改变,确切的字符数
!!!! - 这是我想要在清理字符串后得到的数据。 此数据也将始终更改
zzzz - 永远不会改变,确切的字符数


string = "XXXXyyyy!!!!zzzz"  
# => "XXXXyyyy!!!!"

接下来我该怎么办才能得到"!!!!" 。 如何使用'yyyy' (静态)擦除"XXXXyyyy"并仅留下"!!!!" 。 我希望这能解释我的问题。 抱歉最后一个。

I have an object which contains the following string "XXXXyyyy!!!!zzzz"

XXXX - never the same, will always change, it may be a million characters long
yyyy - will never change, exact number of characters all the time
!!!! - this is the data I want to result with after I clean the string. This data will always change as well
zzzz - will never change, exact number of characters all the time

so if:

string = "XXXXyyyy!!!!zzzz"  
# => "XXXXyyyy!!!!"

What can I do next to get just "!!!!". How can I use 'yyyy', which is static, to erase "XXXXyyyy" and leave only "!!!!". I hope this explains my question. Sorry about the last one.

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string[/yyyy(.*)zzzz\z/, 1]  

You should do it in once:

string[/yyyy(.*)zzzz\z/, 1]  



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你可以用deparse和gsub做丑陋的事情: expr1 <- parse(text = text1) attributes(expr1) <- NULL (text3 <- paste(deparse(expr1), collapse="")) #rm whitespace etc (text3 <- gsub("\\)$", "", gsub("^expression\\(", "", gsub("[[:space:]][[:space:]]+", " ", text3)) ...

clojure等同于ruby的gsub(clojure equivalent for ruby's gsub)

您可以使用Java的replaceAll方法。 该电话将如下所示: (.replaceAll "text" "(\\d)([ap]m|oclock)\\b" "$1 $2") 请注意,这将返回一个新的字符串(像gsub (没有爆炸)在红宝石)。 gsub!没有等价物gsub! 在Clojure中Java / Clojure字符串是不可变的。 You can use Java's replaceAll method. The call would look like: (.replaceAll " ...

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