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如何在UTF8中编译LaTeX?(How can I compile LaTeX in UTF8? [closed])

我以ISO标准完成了我的文件。 它不支持umlaut字母,例如ä和ö。 我需要他们。 该文档在没有UTF8的情况下被编译,但没有使用UTF8。 更准确地说,文档不会在main.tex开头的行被编译:



I did my document in an ISO-standard. It does not support umlaut alphabets, such as ä and ö. I need them. The document gets compiled without UTF8, but not with UTF8. More precisely, the document does not get compiled with the line at the beginning of my main.tex:


How can I compile my LaTeX document in UTF8?

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我也在我的LaTeX源中使用\usepackage[utf8]{inputenc} ,并将文件存储为UTF-8文件,一切都只是peachy。

I'm not sure whether I got your problem but maybe it helps if you store the source using a UTF-8 encoding.

I'm also using \usepackage[utf8]{inputenc} in my LaTeX sources and by storing the files as UTF-8 files everything works just peachy.




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