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如何在属性中渲染cms / static块(How do I render cms/static blocks in an attribute)


许多产品对此属性使用相同的内容,因此我想创建一个cms / static块来显示内容,因此如果“下载”部分发生更改,我就不必更改每个产品。


我将{{block type =“cms / block”block_id =“downloads-block”}}放入文本区域“下载属性”但它不呈现html,它只显示“{{block type =”cms /以明文形式阻止“block_id =”test-block“}}”。


So I have a store and I created an attribute (text-area) called 'Downloads'

Many products use the same content for this attribute so I wanted to create a cms/static block to show the content, so I wouldn't have to change each individual product if there was a change to the 'Downloads' section.

So I made a static block called 'downloads-block' and entered my html into the content.

I put {{block type="cms/block" block_id="downloads-block"}} into the text area 'Downloads Attribute' but it doesn't render the html, it simply displays "{{block type="cms/block" block_id="test-block"}}" in plain text.

How do I get it to render the block?

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您无法在产品说明中呈现块。 您需要将它/ edit添加到catalog / product / view.phtml中。

我们将它用于dropshipped物品。 由于它们不从我们的一个仓库运输,因此有时会在产品交付时发生变化:

if ($this->isProductDropshipped()) {
$this->addShippingMessage("This item available <strong>online only</strong>. <strong><a href=\"/dropshipped\">Details</a></strong>");

You can't render the block in the product description. You'll need to add it/edit into catalog/product/view.phtml.

We use this for dropshipped items. Since they don't ship from our one warehouse location it can sometimes change when the product gets delivered:

if ($this->isProductDropshipped()) {
$this->addShippingMessage("This item available <strong>online only</strong>. <strong><a href=\"/dropshipped\">Details</a></strong>");



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