首页 \ 问答 \ 如何在球拍中本地更改阅读规则?(How to locally change reading rules in racket?)

如何在球拍中本地更改阅读规则?(How to locally change reading rules in racket?)

我正在考虑在Racket中嵌入J ,并且因为我找到了一个现有的项目 ,所以我想在此基础上进行构建。 就像现在一样,通过将J程序字符串传递给Racket表单来进行评估:

> (j "4 * 1 + 4")
> 20


> (j 4 * 1 + 4)
> 20

这对应于评估Racket表单的cdr ,显然需要在本地更改阅读器 。 但是,当我尝试将评估功能更改为:

(define (j exp)
  (jeval #reader"jexp.rkt" exp))

我得到一个“未绑定的标识符”错误,因为输入端口'exp'被解释为litterally而不用'exp'替换它的值。 我该如何管理?

I am looking into embedding J in Racket, and since I found an existing project, I'd like to build upon that. As it is now, evaluation happens by passing a J program string to a Racket form:

> (j "4 * 1 + 4")
> 20

Since J makes use of quotes, double quotes, and other ASCII characters that require escaping when passed as a string, I would like to change the evaluation strategy to:

> (j 4 * 1 + 4)
> 20

which corresponds to evaluating the cdr of the Racket form, and apparently would require to locally change the reader. However, when I try to change the evaluation function to something like:

(define (j exp)
  (jeval #reader"jexp.rkt" exp))

I get an "unbound identifier" error, since the input-port ' exp' is interpreted litterally without substituting 'exp' for its value. How can I manage that?

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像这样改变读者不是可以在解析过程的后期完成的事情。 在你给出的例子中,Racket如何知道嵌入式J程序何时结束?



Altering the reader like this is not something that can be done late in the parsing process. In the example you give, how is Racket supposed to know when the embedded J program ends?

I think you want to take a look at the "Creating a Language" portion of the Racket Guide:






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