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如何在dropbox上传文件的方法中传递imageView.image(How to pass imageView.image in dropbox upload file method)


现在我想将这张选中的图片上传到Dropbox。 我怎样才能做到这一点


- (IBAction)uploadButtonPressed:(id)sender {

    [restClient uploadFile:@"Test.png" toPath:@"/" fromPath:imageview.image];


这是给出了警告,因为它采取了fromPath的 NSString :如何在这里传递图像的名称?

I am trying to upload image from uiimagepicker It is returning image in imageview.

Now I want to upload this selected image to dropbox. How can I do this

my code is

- (IBAction)uploadButtonPressed:(id)sender {

    [restClient uploadFile:@"Test.png" toPath:@"/" fromPath:imageview.image];


this is giving warning because It take NSString in fromPath: How to pass image here with its name?

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[restClient uploadFile:@"Test.png" toPath:@"/" fromPath:@"path/of/file/indocmentdirectory"];

You will first need to save the image to the document directory, then all the function:

[restClient uploadFile:@"Test.png" toPath:@"/" fromPath:@"path/of/file/indocmentdirectory"];



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