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具有特定行为的ListView(ListView with specific behaviour)

我有一个ListView ,我必须为它实现特定的行为。

当用户向上滚动ListView ,它处于初始位置:

  1. ListView应该向下移动一点;
  2. ProgressBar应该出现;



有什么建议怎么做? 谢谢。

I have a ListView, and I have to implement specific behaviour for it.

When user scrolls up the ListView , which is in initial position:

  1. ListView should move down a bit;
  2. ProgressBar should appear;

Next image shows the result that I want to achieve:

enter image description here

Any suggestions how to do this? Thanks.

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我认为崩溃不是因为删除,而是因为更新。 关键是 listAdapter.notifyDataSetChanged(); 你不能在里面做 public void onClick(DialogInterface dialog, int which) { } 由于它在UIThread之外(有些人称之为主线程),因此您只能修改UI线程内的UI。 notifyDataSetChanged()将修改UI。 要解决此问题,您可以使用Handler代替。 像这样做: **Handler myHandler = ...

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