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禁用光探针图标(Disable Light probe icons)





I've tried deactivating lights & light probe icons but this yellow lines and grey spheres keep appearing every time that i click an object.

I can hardly see the objects that im placing with that sphere overlaping them.

更新时间:2023-01-22 06:01


在编辑器窗口中,右上角有一个名为Gizmos的下拉菜单。 单击它并取消选择LightProbeGroup以隐藏它。

In the editor window there is a drop down menu named Gizmos in the top right corner. Click on it and unselect LightProbeGroup to hide it.


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  • 在编辑器窗口中,右上角有一个名为Gizmos的下拉菜单。 单击它并取消选择LightProbeGroup以隐藏它。 In the editor window there is a drop down menu named Gizmos in the top right corner. Click on it and unselect LightProbeGroup to hide it.
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