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更快的算法来计算一个范围内的特定整数可以分割多少个数字(Faster algorithm to count how many numbers are divisible by a specific integer in a range)

int a,b,c,d=0;
for (int i=a;i<=b;i++)
 if (i%c==0){d++;}

所以这是代码, a..b是数字范围, c是除数, dc的倍数。 例如,当a=5, b=15, c=3d等于4 ,因为“6,9,12,15”是5到15之间的倍数。我需要找到更快的方法来做到这一点,任何人都可以帮助?

int a,b,c,d=0;
for (int i=a;i<=b;i++)
 if (i%c==0){d++;}

So this is the code, a..b is the number range, c is the divisor, and d counts the multiples of c. For example when a=5, b=15, c=3, d equals 4, because "6, 9, 12, 15" are the multiples between 5 and 15. I need to find faster way to do this, can anyone help?

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int lower = (a + c - 1) / c; // find lowest divisor (round up)
int upper = b / c;           // find higher divisor (round down)
d = upper - lower + 1;       // get no of divisors

对于您的示例案例, lower将为2, upper将为5, d等于4。

One way is to do it like this (no loops required):

int lower = (a + c - 1) / c; // find lowest divisor (round up)
int upper = b / c;           // find higher divisor (round down)
d = upper - lower + 1;       // get no of divisors

For your example case, lower will be 2, upper will be 5, giving d equal to 4.




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