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传递&在查询字符串中(Passing & in query string)

我想在查询字符串中传递'&'运算符。 我试图使用urlencode和urldecode,但它无法正常工作。 我这样做:

$abc="A & B";


<a href="hello.php?say=<?php echo $abc2 ?>"><?php echo $abc;?></a>


echo $abcd;

但输出不是A & B


I want to pass '&' operator in query string. I tried to use urlencode and urldecode but its not working. I am doing this:

$abc="A & B";

Then I am passing the value like this

<a href="hello.php?say=<?php echo $abc2 ?>"><?php echo $abc;?></a>

and getting value on next page as

echo $abcd;

but the output is not A & B

What am I doing wrong?

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$a = 'A & B';
echo urlencode($a);
echo '<br />';
echo urldecode(urlencode($a));


A & B

我猜你有另一个逻辑或语法错误导致你的&not解码不正确,在你的代码中你的urldecode() - 语法中有一个叛逆者。

那是你的所有代码还是使用“类似”代码? 你的原始代码会很有用。

Basically it should work I tried the following on my webserver:

$a = 'A & B';
echo urlencode($a);
echo '<br />';
echo urldecode(urlencode($a));


A & B

I guess you have another logically or syntax error which causes your & not to be decoded correctly, in your code there's an apostroph in your urldecode()-syntax.

Is that all of your code or are you using a "similiar" one? your original code would be useful then.




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