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Selenium Grid:如何使用RemoteWebDriver和ChromeDriver最大化浏览器窗口(Selenium Grid: how to maximize browser window using RemoteWebDriver and ChromeDriver)

我想知道如何使用Selenium Grid和RemoteWebDriver与最流行的浏览器最大化浏览器窗口。

这个问题在这个社区尚未解决,还有另一个问题可能如下: 如何使用C#在Selenium WebDriver(Selenium 2)中最大化浏览器窗口? 但在那个问题尚不清楚如何在RemoteWebDriver中最大化浏览器窗口。



ChromeOptions options = new ChromeOptions(); options.AddArgument("--start-maximized"); driver = new ChromeDriver(options);


I would like to know how can I maximize the browser window using Selenium Grid and RemoteWebDriver with the most popular browsers.

This question has not been solved yet in this community, there is another question that could look like this: How do I maximize the browser window in Selenium WebDriver (Selenium 2) using C#? But in that question is not clear how to maximize the browser window in RemoteWebDriver.

On Firefox and IE I guess it is in the same way driver.manage().window().maximize();

In Chrome we have to do:

ChromeOptions options = new ChromeOptions(); options.AddArgument("--start-maximized"); driver = new ChromeDriver(options);

The question is how can I apply that to RemoteWebDriver?

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