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Rspec:“array.should == another_array”,但不用担心订单(Rspec: “array.should == another_array” but without concern for order)

我经常想要比较数组,并确保它们以任何顺序包含相同的元素。 在RSpec中有简单的方法吗?




array.to_set.should == another_array.to_set




array.sort.should == another_array.sort


I often want to compare arrays and make sure that they contain the same elements, in any order. Is there a concise way to do this in RSpec?

Here are methods that aren't acceptable:


For example:

expect(array.to_set).to eq another_array.to_set


array.to_set.should == another_array.to_set

This fails when the arrays contain duplicate items.


For example:

expect(array.sort).to eq another_array.sort


array.sort.should == another_array.sort

This fails when the arrays elements don't implement #<=>

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尝试array.should =~ another_array

我可以找到的最好的文档是代码本身, 在这里

Use match_array, which takes another array as an argument, or contain_exactly, which takes each element as a separate argument, and is sometimes useful for readability. (docs)


expect([1, 2, 3]).to match_array [3, 2, 1]


expect([1, 2, 3]).to contain_exactly 3, 2, 1



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