首页 \ 问答 \ PAA是否适合在门户网站中自动执行wcm库部署和设置?(Is PAA a good candidate for automating wcm library deployment and setup in portal?)

PAA是否适合在门户网站中自动执行wcm库部署和设置?(Is PAA a good candidate for automating wcm library deployment and setup in portal?)

我创建了一个Web Content Management库,供WebSphere Portal使用。 目前我正在使用import-wcm-data导入库,然后我需要在Resource Environment Providers下的服务器上为2-3个文件添加一些额外的属性,然后重新启动特定服务以便检测这些更改。

任何人都可以解释使用paa不是编写一个简单的bash (或类似)脚本来自动执行此过程的好处吗?


I have created a Web Content Management library for use in WebSphere Portal. At the moment I'm using import-wcm-data to import the library, then I need to add some additional propeties to 2-3 files on the server under Resource Environment Providers and then restart particular services so those changes are detected.

Can anyone explain the benefits of using a paa over writing a simple bash (or similar) script to automate this process?

I don't understand if I get any advantages when using paa, or is paa even capable of updating properties files and restarting services?

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我一直在密切关注PAA文件,我必须说这是一种非常稳定的部署应用程序的方法,需要多个depl步骤和组件。 它确实需要一个启动过程,但在多服务器环境中非常值得。 您可以执行在Ant文件中执行的所有任务以及使用wsadmin脚本界面。 因为所有设置都存储在WAS中,我只更新res env设置和WAS中的设置,并且不会因为这个原因而触摸任何道具文件。

I have been working intensively with PAA files and I must say that it is a very stable way of deploying a app requirering multiple depl steps and components. It does need a startup process but is well worth it in a multi server environment. You can do all the tasks that you can do in a Ant file as well as using the wsadmin script interface. I only update res env settings and the such in WAS and do not touch any props files for that reason since all settings are stored in WAS.





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