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Oracle SQL:如何读取和增加字段(Oracle SQL: How to read-and-increment a field)

我正在重构企业应用程序的数据导入过程,并遇到了一个片段,我想找到一个更好的解决方案。 在导入数据时,我们必须为每个数据集创建一个唯一的实体,并在字段中有一个计数器用于顺序分配此ID。 您阅读该字段以获取下一个免费ID,然后递增,以备下次使用。


   SELECT idnext FROM mytable;
   UPDATE mytable SET idnext = idnext + 1;



我们正在用perl重写,并且我想要做同样的事情,但是更好。 原子解决方案会很好。 不幸的是,我的SQL技能是有限的,所以我转向集体智慧:-)

I'm refactoring the data import procedure for an enterprise application and came across a snippet I'd like to find a better solution. When importing data we have to create a unique entity for each data set and there is a counter in a field to be used to assign this id sequentially. You read the field to get the next free id and increment it afterwards to prepare for the next time.

At the moment this is done in two steps in the original app, written in 'C':

   SELECT idnext FROM mytable;
   UPDATE mytable SET idnext = idnext + 1;

Obviously there is a race condition here, if multiple processes do the same thing.

Edit: Important corequisite: I can not touch the database/field definition, this rules out a sequence.

We are rewriting in perl, and I'd like to do the same thing, but better. An atomic solution would be nice. Unfortunately my SQL skills are limited, so I'm turning to collective wisdom :-)

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在这个特殊情况下,一个序列是正确的解决方案。 但是,如果在将来某种情况下需要同时更新某些内容并返回一个值,则可以使用RETURNING子句:

UPDATE atable SET foo = do_something_with(foo) RETURNING foo INTO ?

如果调用代码是PL / SQL,请将? 与本地PL / SQL变量; 否则你可以将它绑定为程序中的输出参数。


my $sth = $dbh->prepare('UPDATE mytable SET idnext = idnext + 1 returning idnext into ?');
my $idnext;
$sth->bind_param_inout(1, \$idnext, 8);
$sth->execute; # now $idnext should contain the value


In this particular case, a sequence is the right solution as mentioned. But if in some future situation you need to both update something and return a value in the same statement, you can use the RETURNING clause:

UPDATE atable SET foo = do_something_with(foo) RETURNING foo INTO ?

If the calling code is PL/SQL, replace the ? with a local PL/SQL variable; otherwise you can bind it as an output parameter in your program.

Edit: Since you mentioned Perl, something like this ought to work (untested):

my $sth = $dbh->prepare('UPDATE mytable SET idnext = idnext + 1 returning idnext into ?');
my $idnext;
$sth->bind_param_inout(1, \$idnext, 8);
$sth->execute; # now $idnext should contain the value

See DBI.




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