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Jquery更改事件在coffeescript中不起作用(Jquery change event not working in coffeescript)

嘿家伙我刚刚尝试在coffeescript中实现我的更改事件,但它不起作用。 请问有什么帮助

$('#subscription_id").on "change", -> 
console.log "Hello"
outputs = $(this).val()

if outputs
 $('#subscription_id').prop "disable", "false"
 $('##subscription_id').prop "disable", "true"

hey guys I have just try to implement my change event in coffeescript but its not working. Will any help me

$('#subscription_id").on "change", -> 
console.log "Hello"
outputs = $(this).val()

if outputs
 $('#subscription_id').prop "disable", "false"
 $('##subscription_id').prop "disable", "true"

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$('#subscription_id").on "change"


$('#subscription_id').on "change"

The colors indicate the problem :

$('#subscription_id").on "change"

Should probably be

$('#subscription_id').on "change"



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Jquery更改事件在coffeescript中不起作用(Jquery change event not working in coffeescript)

颜色表明问题: $('#subscription_id").on "change" 应该是 $('#subscription_id').on "change" The colors indicate the problem : $('#subscription_id").on "change" Should probably be $('#subscription_id').on "change"

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