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Haml + ActionMailer - Rails?(Haml + ActionMailer - Rails?)

我正在尝试在项目中使用没有Rails的ActionMailer,我想将Haml用于HTML电子邮件模板。 任何人都有运气得到这个配置和初始化,以便模板将被发现和呈现? 我目前收到如下错误:

ActionView::MissingTemplate: Missing template new_reg/daily_stats/full with {:handlers=>[:erb, :rjs, :builder, :rhtml, :rxml], :formats=>[:html], :locale=>[:en]} in view paths "/home/petersen/new_reg/lib/new_reg/mailers/views"

为了澄清,这是ActionMailer 3.0.4

I'm trying to use ActionMailer without Rails in a project, and I want to use Haml for the HTML email templates. Anyone have any luck getting this configured and initialized so that the templates will be found and rendered? I'm currently getting errors like:

ActionView::MissingTemplate: Missing template new_reg/daily_stats/full with {:handlers=>[:erb, :rjs, :builder, :rhtml, :rxml], :formats=>[:html], :locale=>[:en]} in view paths "/home/petersen/new_reg/lib/new_reg/mailers/views"

To clarify, this is ActionMailer 3.0.4

更新时间:2020-10-24 21:10


看起来问题是如果没有完整的Rails堆栈,Haml不会完全加载,特别是Haml :: Plugin类。 在正常require 'haml'行后添加require 'haml/template/plugin'似乎可以解决问题。

Looks like the issue is that without the full Rails stack, Haml doesn't completely load, specifically the Haml::Plugin class. Adding require 'haml/template/plugin' after the normal require 'haml' line seems to solve the problems.




Rails的ActionMailer与SendGrid(Rails ActionMailer with SendGrid)

使用config / environments / [development.rb | production.rb],因为上面提到的tfe听起来像是它的路要走。 只需将ActionMailer配置置于其中任一文件中,并将其更改为适合开发环境。 您还可以通过发出以下命令找到Heroku使用的SendGrid凭据: heroku config --long 这些凭据用于所有SendGrid身份验证(SMTP身份验证,网站登录以查看统计信息等,API访问) - 乔 SendGrid Using conf ...

我如何测试ActionMailer?(How do I test ActionMailer?)

您可以尝试使用email-spec gem。 这真的很好,你可以用它来测试很多东西。 You can try the email-spec gem. It's really good and you can test a lot of stuff with it.

actionmailer“from”设置(actionmailer “from” setting)

Gmail不允许您以其他用户的身份发送邮件 - 它始终会使用“发件人”地址登录您用来登录的帐户(这是为了防止安全/垃圾邮件,我相信这种方式您无法欺骗某人其他地址)。 假设您拥有您想要发送的电子邮件地址,您可以通过Google帐户访问这些电子邮件地址。 进入Gmail选项,点击“帐户”部分,然后点击“添加您拥有的其他电子邮件地址”。 Gmail doesn't let you send as a different user -- it will always make the "From" add ...

Haml for rails,单独使用'haml'宝石或使用'haml-rails'(Haml for rails, Use 'haml' gem alone or with 'haml-rails')

我主要使用haml-rails来使生成器输出haml视图而不是erb。 除此之外,我不知道有什么不同。 I use haml-rails primarily to make the generators output haml views instead of erb. Beyond that, I'm not aware of any difference.

如何使用ActionMailer获取电子邮件正文(How to get the email message body with ActionMailer)

那么@mail.body.encoded (它应该给你你寻找的结果)呢? How about @mail.body.encoded (which should give you the result for which you seek)?

Rails的ActionMailer编码(Rails ActionMailer encoding)

这不是我的问题,它是SendGrid。 通过SendGrid发送像“åäö”这样的字符的邮件在yahoo / outlook / MacMail等邮件客户端中不起作用。 在SendGrid的员工几个小时的支持后,问题仍然存在。 他们说问题出在我的设置上。 我现在用完全相同的设置切换到mailgun,并且它工作得很好。 It was not a problem on my side, it was SendGrid. Mails sent through SendGrid with characte ...

ActionMailer不工作(ActionMailer Not Working)

您可以尝试将DevelopmentMailInterceptor类作为development_mail_interceptor.rb放在lib目录中,然后在您的setup_mail.rb文件中包含行require 'development_mail_interceptor' Can you try putting the DevelopmentMailInterceptor class in the lib directory as development_mail_interceptor.rb, ...

Rails:为什么我需要多个ActionMailer?(Rails: why would I want more than one ActionMailer?)

出于同样的原因,您不希望只有一个控制器包含100个操作。 如果您只有一两件小东西,您的网站需要使用电子邮件,那么一个邮件可能会正常工作。 但是,如果您有多个与电子邮件相关的组件(例如,用户注册/密码管理,新闻订阅,网站上的事件通知等),您可能希望将这些组件分解为多个邮件,以帮助保持代码清洁和结构化的。 For the same reason you wouldn't want just one controller with 100 actions in it. If you only have ...

ActionMailer发送空白电子邮件,而不是渲染模板,Rails 3(ActionMailer sending Blank emails, not rendering templates, Rails 3)

这是一个愚蠢的错误,就像我知道的那样! Git提交指出了...... create mode 100644 app/views/user_mailer/ welcome_email.html.erb create mode 100644 app/views/user_mailer/ welcome_email.text.erb 文件名开头的空格,在Sublime Text中真的很难注意到! 这么容易在愚蠢的错误中失去2天,但我学到了很多想要解决的问题! It was a silly mistak ...

Haml + ActionMailer - Rails?(Haml + ActionMailer - Rails?)

看起来问题是如果没有完整的Rails堆栈,Haml不会完全加载,特别是Haml :: Plugin类。 在正常require 'haml'行后添加require 'haml/template/plugin'似乎可以解决问题。 Looks like the issue is that without the full Rails stack, Haml doesn't completely load, specifically the Haml::Plugin class. Adding requi ...




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