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Eclipse中的Maven:一步一步安装[关闭](Maven in Eclipse: step by step installation [closed])



尽管诚实的努力,我一直无法找到任何Maven插件的综合教程。 M2E似乎是事实上的标准,在他们的网站上只有破坏(或递归的)链接。


有没有人知道M2E或任何其他插件的一个很好的分步指南? 一个具有良好的安装文档,以及其功能和适当用途的坚实解释?

I have spent been on the Maven site reading the 5- and 30-minute tutorials, and trialing Maven out for the first time.

I want to install a Maven plugin and use it to start building Maven projects from Eclipse.

Despite an honest effort, I have been unable to find a comprehensive tutorial on any Maven plugin. M2E, which seems like the de facto standard, has nothing but broken (or recursive) links on their site.

I can't tell if I even installed the plugin correctly, or how to use it.

Does anyone know of a good step-by-step guide to M2E or any other plugin? One that comes with good installation documentation, along with a solid explanation of its features and proper uses?

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(编辑2016-10-12:许多来自https://eclipse.org/downloads/eclipse-packages/的 Eclipse下载已经包含M2Eclipse。至于Neon,Java和Java EE软件包都是 - 寻找“Maven支持” )

Maven Eclipse插件安装一步一步:

  1. 打开Eclipse IDE
  2. 单击帮助 - >安装新软件...
  3. 点击右上角的添加按钮
  4. 在弹出窗口:填写名称为“M2Eclipse”和位置为“ http://download.eclipse.org/technology/m2e/releases ”或http://download.eclipse.org/technology/m2e/milestones/1.0

  5. 现在点击确定



  1. 打开Eclipse
  2. 转到帮助 - > Eclipse Marketplace
  3. 搜索Maven
  4. 单击“Maven Integration for Eclipse”部分中的“安装”按钮
  5. 按照指示一步一步


  1. 转到窗口 - >首选项
  2. 观察,Maven被登记在左侧面板


  1. 点击现有的项目
  2. 选择配置 - >转换为Maven项目

(Edit 2016-10-12: Many Eclipse downloads from https://eclipse.org/downloads/eclipse-packages/ have M2Eclipse included already. As of Neon both the Java and the Java EE packages do - look for "Maven support")

Maven Eclipse plugin installation step by step:

  1. Open Eclipse IDE
  2. Click Help -> Install New Software...
  3. Click Add button at top right corner
  4. At pop up: fill up Name as "M2Eclipse" and Location as "http://download.eclipse.org/technology/m2e/releases" or http://download.eclipse.org/technology/m2e/milestones/1.0

  5. Now click OK

After that installation would be started.

Another way to install Maven plug-in for Eclipse:

  1. Open Eclipse
  2. Go to Help -> Eclipse Marketplace
  3. Search by Maven
  4. Click "Install" button at "Maven Integration for Eclipse" section
  5. Follow the instruction step by step

After successful installation do the followings in Eclipse:

  1. Go to Window --> Preferences
  2. Observe, Maven is enlisted at left panel


  1. Click on an existing project
  2. Select Configure -> Convert to Maven Project



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