She’s Not Carrying A Handbag

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Gao Yuanyuan from after 2005 drama " world first" nine times no drama filmed last fall , " Let's get married " is for its regression . Although Gao Yuanyuan acting contrived, but green tea woman classic countenance became her based film industry capital , energy and Johnnie , Chen Kaige these masters cooperation , filmed some influential art films , but also beauty is too high at the box office of commercial films , high round popular, even if the play is also still single Zhao Renai Road . And "Let's get married." Bindings long drama to interpret the appearance of the fashion show 's Cheap Louis Vuitton Handbagscore family drama , seen a few episodes will feel tacky , but this is the lack of domestic dramas , drama -law marriage rampant situation, this drama the result is that domestic hybrid TV ratings last year became the first , Gao Yuanyuan was closed "national goddess ," her beauty shoot ah shoot 360 degrees risen to the pinnacle of popularity . And up to hundreds of thousands per episode paycheck , compared to the movie paycheck , no doubt suction gold invincible .

Zhou Xun has been ten years have not filmed drama , and in this decade , Zhou Xun grow gold like Golden Horse box office coffee , and many commercial guide cooperation , out of the country to become the representative of the Asian actress . But after the peak , from after 2009 , " wind" , "Dragon Flying A ", " Painted Skin 2" , "great magician ", " those who hear the wind " This four piece , high box office low score , even with Tsui Hark, Tony , Derek Yee these large coffee cooperative , but restrictions on the screenplay Zhou Xun acting limitations always kind of bottleneck of powerlessness. Boot last TV version of " Red Sorghum" once occupied the headlines, once a large coffee regression for drama , directed by Zhang Yimou, Gong Licheng masterpiece " Red Sorghum" bead front , domestic fiction author Mo Yan Nobel first person , " Zhen Huan Biography" Director Zheng Xiaolong any point is directed ... topic . Zhou Xun dropped in recent years, even though the workload , exposure is low , but the appeal is still strong ,louis vuitton uk outlet during the filming of this movie is already a storm. And Zhou Gongzai no suitable film shoot , but you can top the lineup of TV and teamwork, it would have to break through the bottleneck of a great strategy. Early Song Hye Kyo Korean invasion career also began the whole of Asia , "Endless Love" and "Full House" has a Korean representative. While Joe was very successful sister act drama , but until 2005 she was into the big screen . Compared hyun by film debut , the film 's very bumpy road Joe sister , small screen image for him , difficult film transformation , is still box office poison . But a super- Healing red face make her never -been for 13 years . Energy and Wong Kar-wai , director John Woo these world-class collaboration , the film industry to help them greatly . "Great master " in Zhang Yongcheng , Zhang Ziyi hanging open even can not cover Joe Sister Wong Kar-wai 's lens comes with luminous goddess incarnations , it exclaimed. And the "great master " release of synchronous launch of drama " " That winter, the wind is blowing , " is her first TV series eight years , with the first consisting of a super actor Jo In Sung beauty lovers , beautiful melancholy story , amazing fashion show , China and South Korea also hit Joe sister consolidate position .

Network hit drama " Cock silk men's third quarter ," Tang Wei has performed soy sauce . The cameo , Tang Wei performing his own comedy strength. In addition to a brief cameo , Tang Wei did not plan to enter the small screen . This may be the big coffee cameo crew contacts, create surprise to friends , or arrange publicity strategy entertainer economy , maintaining a certain visibility to maintain popularity. Tang Wei's qualifications to influence the starting point , the big screen career is still very long , and occasionally there are topics about the drama just for fun . Wallace did not filmed TV series for five years . Fan Ye 's road movie does not go smoothly at first only starred in a number of small film production , box office popularity are low, and Feng Xiaogang's "mobile " Fan Bingbing career turning point , even though there is a Gucci Bags OnlineGolden Rooster Best Actress trophy in hand, but increasingly vase image becomes popular, and later starred in the blockbuster movie of the vase is also based, but account for less than the absolute protagonist of scenes, more topics selected her as movie marketing, we only remember her face , she has what rumors , but can not remember her role so many years of hard work in which the Ministry of drama, great ambition Fan Ye never reconciled only vases, rather than acting what she cares about , and gradually master the voice behind the resource is her goal , shooting drama " Empress " is more like her biopic , drama Fan Ye personally served by the filmmakers .