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Visual Studio开发环境扩展


CodeRush/Refactor Tools for SharePoint Developers
Extensions to CodeRush/Refactor to assist SharePoint development.

Imtech Fields Explorer Visual Studio 2008 plugin
Quickly find the field names needed for CAML queries and controls.

SharePoint Developer Explorer
Allows editing of SharePoint content (e.g. page layouts) from within Visual Studio

SharePoint Development Environment Modifications (SPDevMod)
Collection of STSADM extensions and plugins for Visual Studio.



Mossquito 2009
Development environment with focus on SharePoint site modeling, deployment and provisioning with plenty of productivity tools. Mossquito unites the benefits of CAML and Object Model approach to site structure creation. Feature-rich UI, deployment based on compare & merge principle, DAO generator, command line for common tasks automation and more.



Examines the network traffic of pages as they load. Check the size of pages. Recommended for deploying public facing websites.

Firebug for Firefox
Net console provides network statistics.

Google Page Speed for Firebug for Firefox
Analyses page performance and provides network statistics.

Yahoo! YSlow for Firebug for Firefox
Analyses page performance and provides network statistics.


Can analyze all network traffic. Handy for seeing what network traffic is really flowing.


Web Service  测试

SharePoint Query Web Service Test Tool
Test tool for WSS V3's Query web service. Allows you to generate the request XML and send it to the web service.

Tests any web service (including SharePoint).


Search 测试工具

Search Commmunity Toolkit
A number of tools and code samples that have been contributed to enhance the Microsoft search experience (Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 (MOSS) Search, Search Server 2008 and Search Server 2008 Express).

SharePoint Search Service Tool
Web service client that can explore the scopes and managed properties of a given SharePoint Search SSP, build queries in either Keyword or SQL Syntax, submit queries, and examine the raw web service results.

zevenseas SharePoint SearchCoder
Allows graphical building of queries and examination and testing of the SQL generated by the object model.



MAPILab Spy for Microsoft® SharePoint
According to the vendor, it provides "Browser for examining SharePoint object model" and "Context scripts on C#"

RedGate Reflector
Allows exploration of any .NET assembly, including those provided by SharePoint. Shows where and how methods and objects are used. Find feature for fields, properties, and methods.

SharePoint Inspector
See SharePoint farm objects, get their properties by reflection, activate/deactivate SharePoint features, add/remove event receivers, manage the recycle bin.

SharePoint Manager
SharePoint object model explorer for inspecting your SharePoint environment. Can browse every site on the local farm and view every web, list, event receiver, etc... Enables the changing of properties.



Set of .NET language-based tools for creating dynamic, reusable CAML query components. Build CAML queries dynamically in code while preserving the syntactic structure of the native CAML language.

Stramit Caml Viewer 2007
Assists in the creation of CAML queries. Allows testing against your SharePoint farm.

U2U Caml Query Builder 2007
Build CAML queries and test them on a SharePoint site. User interface helps you to build queries against any list in your SharePoint farm.

Yet Another CAML Query Tool
Converts SQL-like queries into CAML.

Imtech ListInstance Generator
Generates the ListInstance based on the List Template from a particular Feature.


SharePoint Features

SharePoint 2007 Features
Large collection of SharePoint features designed for developers and administrators. Provides assistance for debugging, logs, field and content type development, publishing sites, event receivers, and many more.

SmartTools for SharePoint
Collection of SharePoint features such as What's New, Autocomplete Text Field, Enhanced Site Actions, and more.



AC's WCM Custom Commands for STSADM.EXE
STSADM extensions for publishing sites and generating content type and column features.

Imtech OCD Export
Simplifies the process of provisioning Publishing Pages by extracting existing pages to XML. The files generated allow you to wrap your Publishing Pages in a Feature.

SharePoint Automation
List of almost 100 STSADM extensions that cover a variety of development and administrative tasks.

stsadmWin 2007
Provides a Windows UI version of the STSADM tool.


PowerShell 扩展

PowerShell Extensions for SharePoint
Provides functionality for working with the SPWeb object.

SharePoint Automation
Extensions that assist in the use of working with the SharePoint object model from Powershell.

The SharePoint PowerShell Module (SPoshMod)
Framework for SharePoint PowerShell scripts.


Programming Tools

LINQ to SharePoint
Provides a custom query provider for LINQ that allows the querying of SharePoint lists using LINQ syntax.

SharePoint config store
Provides the framework for using a SharePoint list for application configuration values.

SharePoint Dispose Checker Tool
Helps to check that unmanaged SharePoint objects are correctly disposed of in code.


Administration Tools


SharePoint Tips Utility Pack
Collection of tools including recursively delete sites, create and modify lists in multiple sites at once, and push a web part to multiple sites at once.

SharePoint Cross-site Configurator
Automates the process of deploying MOSS site settings in all or selected sites in a server farm. Includes applying master pages, web titles, audit controls and expiration policies.

SharePoint Content Deployment Wizard
Allows a granular selection of content to be exported from site collections, webs, lists, folders, and list items to a .cmp file (Content Migration Package) which can be copied to other servers for import.

Performs common administrative tasks. Can backup sites, copy views between sites, bulk create sites, apply themes just to name a few functions

SharePoint Developer Bookmarklets
Great set of bookmarks to make navigating a SharePoint Web Site easier.




Imtech Test Content Generator v1.3.0.0
Creating a given number of publishing pages with the desired page layout and content.

SharePoint 2007 Test Data Population Tool
Capacity planning and performance te




Excellent tool that pops up in start bar with errors in ULS logs based on filters. Very handy to have running whilst developing! Quicker than notepad viewing!



Application Pool Recycle Utility
Taskbar application that allows quick recycling of application pools.


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Sharepoint 2007的开发环境?(Development environment for Sharepoint 2007?)

如果将任何引用的DLL从SharePoint服务器安装复制到开发计算机,则可以在非服务器操作系统上开发SharePoint 2007。 您将无法调试应用程序,但项目将编译并可以部署到服务器。 我用STSDEV(类似于WSPBuilder)做了三年没有问题...... ...除了自定义工作流程。 在本地复制必要的DLL似乎足以让工作流设计器打开,但总有一些东西无法正常工作。 对于自定义工作流,我建议在安装了SharePoint的服务器操作系统上安装Visual Studio。 如果可能,请在第二台

单元测试和SharePoint开发(Unit Testing and SharePoint Development)

对你有争议的选择 - 不要使用模拟器! 而是进行集成测试,因为只要您使用的是您正在使用的SharePoint OM。 将尽可能多的逻辑放在可以从请求Context外部运行的库程序集中(重载构造函数传入HttpContext或SPWeb)。 设置一个服务器/站点(虚拟机最好能让你可以轻松地回滚并创建新的实例),仅用于单元测试并运行。 ( VMWare服务器是免费的) 如果您运行连续构建,您应该能够将其设置为自动运行并报告结果。 另外一些批处理文件的魔术与开源nUnit或您选择的工具运行测试,只要在

我应该学习SharePoint 2010还是SharePoint 2007?(Should I learn SharePoint 2010 or SharePoint 2007?)

我建议任何从SharePoint开始的人都要从SharePoint 2010 Foundation开始。 原因是,由于Visual Studio 2010中的工具支持,使SharePoint 2007快速进入SharePoint 2007要容易得多。 但在进入开发模式之前,您应该了解开箱即用的SharePoint和使用SharePoint Designer的可能性 当您在工具的帮助下学习SP2010时,您应该: 看看这些工具给你的东西,并学习如何自己管理这些xml文件(也许使用WSPbuilde

SharePoint开发环境设置(SharePoint development environment setup)

你通常有两种选择: 使用Windows Server和Visual Studio创建一个物理或虚拟机器,并将其用于开发。 在你的工作站上使用Vista,然后“破解”SharePoint以安装它 。 就我个人而言,我现在使用后者,以及STSDev ,对于我所有的SharePoint工作,我发现它比选项1更好。 You generally have two options: Create a physical or virtual machine with Windows Server and Vi

从开发者的角度来看,Sharepoint的开发是什么?(What is Sharepoint development from a developers point of view?)

==编辑2017 == 这是一个相当老的帖子,SharePoint已经改变了很多年。 原始帖子的大多数部分仍然有效,但有些仅适用于您在SharePoint的未来倾向于SharePoint Online的内部安装。 话虽如此,大多数功能仍然有一些改进。 ==原帖= SharePoint是一个非常复杂的CMS(内容管理系统),具有很多漂亮的BSS(业务支持系统)功能。 有很多优点,很难限制提及的内容。 然而,一些显而易见的事情是,您可以在同一台服务器上混合使用这么多“环境”,这些环境被分离为站点。